Hi everyone!

Today, is release day! After 2 months of heavy development, I’m happy to announce that Dopamine 1.1 FINAL is ready for the wild.

Under the hood, a lot has changed. Dopamine was completely translated from VB.NET to C#. This wasn’t without reason. I’m focusing more on C# lately, and also decided to open source Dopamine. As C# seems to be the more popular language of the 2, the choice was obvious. That’s right, Dopamine is now open source, and the source can be found on GitHub.

So what changed? The audio engine was updated, an equalizer was added, memory usage was trimmed down, database access is faster and a bunch of bugs were fixed. If you want the details, this is the complete change log:

  • [Changed] Dopamine was translated from VB.NET to C# and is now Open Source Software! Source code: https://github.com/digimezzo/Dopamine
  • [Changed] This version requires .NET Framework 4.6.1
  • [Changed] Updated to the latest release of the CSCore audio library
  • [Changed] Shuffle doesn’t perform a loop anymore. It is now possible to enable shuffle and loop individually.
  • [Changed] Removed the search field on the Cloud screen
  • [Changed] Updated the Russian translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Greek translation
  • [Changed] Updated the Portuguese translation
  • [Added] Added a 10 band Equalizer with 17 built-in presets and possibility to create and save custom presets
  • [Added] Added a customizable online search for videos and lyrics
  • [Added] Added a confirmation dialog when enabling WASAPI Exclusive mode
  • [Added] Added a shuffle all button
  • [Added] Added a Bitrate column on the Songs screen
  • [Added] Added importing of .wpl playlists
  • [Added] Added Italian translation
  • [Added] Added Polish translation
  • [Added] Added Ukrainian translation
  • [Fixed] Impossible to import some .m3u and .zpl playlists
  • [Fixed] Collection updating incorrectly when a new collection folder is added just after removing another
  • [Fixed] Songs having a white space as Genre cause the Genres list to be empty (A refresh of the collection is required to apply this fix)
  • [Fixed] Updating album metadata causes an album with title ‘Multiple Values’ to appear
  • [Fixed] Files removed in Windows are not removed from the collection
  • [Fixed] Album art is cut off on lower left playback information pane on the main screen
  • [Fixed] Dialogs show a 1px bottom border at some resolutions
  • [Fixed] Duplicate semantic Artist and Genre groups appear after performing a search
  • [Fixed] Removed songs can still be played when pressing the play button
  • [Fixed] Bluetooth headset play/pause button not detected

If you want to know what’s next, I invite you to have a look at the GitHub version 1.2 issues.
You can use the GitHub issues page at any time to follow the current progress, or to log your own suggestions or bugs.

Many thanks to all those who contributed to this release: people who donated, developers who helped out fixing bugs and implemented new features, translators, and last but not least, preview testers! You all did an amazing job!

Alright, that’s it for now folks. Enjoy your new Dopamine!

Download version 1.1 here.


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