Dopamine 1.1.1 was just released

Hi everyone!

A small update to Dopamine 1.1 was just released today: 1.1.1 build 711
This is a stable release, which fixes a bug where Dopamine 1.1 was not running as a true 64 bit application on 64 bit systems. This is the change log:

– [Changed] Updated the Portuguese translation
– [Fixed] Dopamine is not running as a 64 bit application on 64 bit systems

Download here

6 Responses to “Dopamine 1.1.1 was just released

  • Abhishek Maurya
    5 years ago

    I just noticed a new feature in sttings>online>Musicxmatch (Lyrics).
    I love Dopamine but it is not available on Android so I use MusicXmatch player on my phone because its simple and gives lyrics.
    So I want to know that, Dopamine can also give lyrics of current playing song? If yes then please tell me how?

  • Marcos Said Miguel
    5 years ago

    The most beautiful music player!
    But there’s a problem. I can’t add more than 15 tracks on the folder with the right-click. Please, update the right-click options.


  • Just wanted to let you know that you are doing an awesome job! Thank you!

  • Bonjour Raphaël,
    Bravo pour le programme.
    Il y a vraiment une belle recherche d’UI.
    Je n’utilise pas encore Dopamine, car il n’y a pas de lecteur/abonnement aux podcasts (sauf erreur de ma part).
    Sera-t-il prévu ?