Hi everyone!

Another preview of Dopamine 1.2 is available: 1.2 build 840 (preview)
If no major issues are found in this preview, that will be the last preview before 1.2 final is released.

This is the change log:

– [Added] Added option to remember the last played song and its playback progress at the next start up
– [Added] Added Artist and Genre order toggle
– [Fixed] Crashes at startup which multiple users were experiencing
– [Fixed] Album art is trimmed horizontally

Remember kids:

– If you have a question, please first check the Dopamine F.A.Q.
– When notifying me of bugs, please be constructive. I don’t have a crystal ball to see what happens on your system.

Example time:


“Lyrics don’t work!”    “Covers don’t show!”    “Dopamine crashes!”


– Send me the log file (the little “bug” icon on the main window will help you find it)
– Describe which steps you performed which lead to the problem
– Tell me exactly when issue happens: at start up? When double clicking an audio file in Windows Explorer? Any other time?

Alright, that’s it! To your downloads!


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