A new version of Dopamine was just released: 1.2.2 (Build 857). This is the change log. Please read it carefully before contacting me.

Dopamine 1.2.2 Build 857 (Release)


This release requires unpinning and pinning Dopamine from and to the Windows Taskbar.
That is expected, and caused by changes to the installer, see (*). Please don’t e-mail about this.

– [Added] Added MetroLyrics as extra automatic lyrics provider (because Chartlyrics went dead)
– [Added] Added an option to enable/disable automatic lyrics providers individually and an option to set a lyrics download timeout
– [Added] Mouse XButton1 plays the previous song, XButton2 plays the next song.
– [Fixed] Artists sorting (song, album, all) was restored after an unmanagable amount of complaints about its removal.
– [Fixed] Lyrics search stops if querying 1 lyrics provider fails, even if there are still other providers to left to use.
– [Fixed] Mute doesn’t stick when the next song starts playing
– [Fixed] (*) Hopefully fixed an issue with the installer, which caused missing files on some computers (I hate Windows installer).

Download Dopamine 1.2.2


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