Hi everyone!

A new preview of Dopamine 1.3 is available: 1.3 Build 884 (Preview)

This is the change log:

– [Added] The keyboard space bar now toggles play and pause when there is no search being performed
– [Changed] ‘Cloud’ screen was renamed to ‘Frequent’
– [Changed] Updated the Spanish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Russian translation
– [Changed] Updated the French translation
– [Fixed] Fixed an occasional crash which happened when automatically scrolling to the playing song
– [Fixed] Mini player windows are buggy in Windows 10 tablet mode
– [Fixed] Playback bug when queuing the same track multiple times by using ‘Play next’
– [Fixed] A possible startup crash caused by the tray icon
– [Fixed] A conflict with the search box when changing the volume by pressing – or +


Download here


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