Hi everyone!

A new preview of Dopamine 1.3 is available: 1.3 Build 898 (Preview)

The biggest change in this preview lies in how playlists are handled. Playlists are now saved to m3u files in your Music folder (in a sub folder Dopamine\Playlists) instead of the Dopamine database. Playlists can now contain files which are not in the collection. And last but not least: dragging and dropping of audio files, playlist files and songs is now also possible!

This is the change log:

2017-02-23: Dopamine 1.3 Build 898 (Preview)

Playlist support was rewritten from scratch. Your existing playlists will not be migrated.
Save you playlists to files manually before upgrading to this version. Import your saved
playlists after upgrading to this version.

– [Changed] Updated the French translation
– [Changed] Updated the Spanish translation
– [Changed] Updated the German translation
– [Changed] Playlists support has been rewritten: playlists are now saved to files automatically.
– [Changed] Tweaked the ‘Frequent’ screen
– [Fixed] Automatic install or download button for updates is confusing for some users
– [Fixed] Improved sizing of time indicator on the main window


Download here

Edit: Build 899 is also available at the location above. The difference is that it fixes a potential crash when trying to figure out the Windows version at startup. One user reported that crash. If your Dopamine doesn’t crash at startup, you don’t need that build.


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