Hi all!

A new version of Knowte is available: Knowte 1.1 build 491 (Release)

This is the change log:

2017-03-13: Knowte 1.1 Build 491 (Release)

The version number format changed in this version. If you have a Preview of version 1.1 installed,
you might get a warning that a newer version is already installed when trying to install this version.
If you get such warning, remove the previous version, before installing this one.

– [Added] Window borders are more visible when Windows doesn’t display a drop shadow
– [Added] Backup and restore of notes
– [Added] Notes storage location can be changed
– [Added] Simplified Chinese translation
– [Added] Russian translation
– [Added] Portuguese translation
– [Added] Polish translation
– [Changed] Knowte is now Open Source Software! The source code is available here: https://github.com/digimezzo/Knowte
– [Changed] Dark parts of the windows are now transparent and blurred on Windows 10
– [Changed] Toolbar text is more visible
– [Fixed] Issue where notes could appear on a disconnected monitor
– [Fixed] Multiple crashes

You can download this release over here



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