Hi everyone!

It has been more than 2 months since Dopamine 1.3 was released. After the release and after a well deserved vacation, work on Dopamine 1.4 start started. It is now time to show where Dopamine 1.4 is headed. Nothing better than a Preview build for this! šŸ™‚
So I present to you Dopamine 1.4 build 952 (Preview), the very first Dopamine 1.4 Preview.

As usual, this preview is rather stable and can be used as your daily driver. Please send me feedback if you find something peculiar.

This is the change log for this preview:

– [Added] Added a Context Menu option to play (enqueue) selected tracks
– [Added] Added option to use native Windows 10 notifications
– [Added] The artists information screen now shows an image for similar artists
– [Added] Added option to toggle display of song covers in playlists and Now playing
– [Added] Added an external control API (Remote control can be enabled in Settings > Playback > External control).
For developers, see https://github.com/Magentaize/Dopamine-ExternalControl-Support
– [Changed] Updated the German translation
– [Changed] Removed the splash screen
– [Changed] When double clicking files in Windows Explorer, we now start in Mini Player mode
– [Changed] Re-introduced automatic loop when performing shuffled playback. There is now an option to disable it.
– [Fixed] “Unknown artist”, “Unknown album”, “Unknown genre” are not translated
– [Fixed] Fixed multiple issues when removing songs from Now Playing
– [Fixed] Fixed a crash when moving mini players around when the playlist window is opened
– [Fixed] It is possible to scrobble tracks by skipping to the end of the track
– [Fixed] Tracks on the playlists screen are not cleared when the last playlist is deleted
– [Fixed] Unable to type underscore in Last.fm user field
– [Fixed] Window resizes behind Windows Task bar
– [Fixed] Crash when attempting to jump to albums using key presses

UPDATE: it was discovered that this preview does not start on Windows versions older than Windows 10. Support for older versions of Windows will be restored in the next preview. If you are not running Windows 10, please do not install this preview.

You can download it here

Enjoy! And don’t forget, if you enjoy Dopamine, please consider making a donation. Thanks!


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