Dopamine 1.5

Hi everyone!

Today I have the pleasure to announce that Dopamine 1.5 has been released!

So, where is version 1.4? Well, there was no version 1.4. However, I didn’t do a Microsoft 7 ate 9 just because I can :). There’s a technical reason for the version jump.

So, why 1.5?

First of all, I decided to stop providing preview builds. There is a lot of time in between 2 releases. Some users fill that gap by using the previews. By doing so, they can enjoy new features very quickly. Other users don’t want to use the previews because “preview” sounds unstable. So they prefer to wait until the next release is available. By doing so, they miss out on a lot of new features and fixes.

So, as the previews are always pretty stable, I decided to re-brand them as releases. This means 2 things:

1. Releases will follow each other more quickly, but will have a more limited set of features per release than past releases.
2. The build number will be dropped. Instead, a simple version number will be used. E.g.: 1.5 for a release, 1.5.1 for a bugfix release.

A full version number always contains 4 digits, although I’m only sowing those that aren’t “0”. For version 1.5, that means that the full version number is

When you launch the Dopamine MSI installer, it compares the full version number of the Dopamine that is already installed on your computer with the full version number of the Dopamine that you are trying to install. If the Dopamine that you’re trying to install is newer (meaning it has a larger version number), you’re allowed to proceed with the installation. Otherwise, you get a warning and the installation stops.

Because I’ve already made some 1.4 previews available (which have a full version number like 1.4.0.x) and I don’t want to break updates for people which are using the previews, I had to choose a version number which is larger than 1.4.0.x. The options were: 1.4.x.0 or As I’d like to keep the 3rd digit for bugfix releases, I chose Simple, no? 🙂

Update notification

It is expected if Dopamine 1.3 didn’t give you a notification about Dopamine 1.5 being available. The update notification system on the website has been greatly improved. Dopamine 1.5 supports the new update notification system. Dopamine 1.3 doesn’t. That’s why it won’t detect this update.

A word about the future

As you’ll see in the change log, the audio decoder was changed in this version. Dopamine is now using the well known FFmpeg to decode audio files. That adds some new possibilities for the future, like streaming support.

For the next Dopamine release (1.6) playlist support will be rebuilt. The playlists screen will get a more optimal layout and smart playlist will be added.

In Dopamine 1.7, I’d like to have a look at streaming support. Somewhere in between (I’m not sure yet when that will be planned) I’ll rebuild lyrics support. As I find it rather archaic right now.

Alright, enough talking! Here is the Dopamine 1.5 change log:

– [Added] Added a Context Menu option to play (enqueue) selected tracks
– [Added] Added option to use native Windows 10 notifications
– [Added] The artists information screen now shows an image for similar artists
– [Added] Added option to toggle display of song covers in playlists and Now playing
– [Added] Added support for Monkey’s Audio APE file format
– [Added] Added an external control API (Remote control can be enabled in Settings > Playback > External control).
For developers, see
– [Changed] Updated audio engine to CSCore and changed the audio decoder.
– [Changed] Updated the Russian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Spanish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Swedish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Chinese (Simplified)
– [Changed] Updated the German translation
– [Changed] Updated the Portuguese (Portugal) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Korean translation
– [Changed] Removed the splash screen
– [Changed] When double clicking files in Windows Explorer, we now start in Mini Player mode
– [Changed] Re-introduced automatic loop when performing shuffled playback. There is now an option to disable it.
– [Changed] Album covers are updated in the background
– [Changed] Added some options for reloading of album covers
– [Changed] It’s now possible to check for updates at startup only (without periodic update check)
– [Fixed] Some WAV files fail to play
– [Fixed] Multichannel FLAC files fail to play
– [Fixed] Indexer starts even when disabled in the settings
– [Fixed] Indexer starts too often due to corrupt or unreadable files
– [Fixed] Window is restored behind the task bar when double clicking tray icon
– [Fixed] “Unknown artist”, “Unknown album”, “Unknown genre” are not translated
– [Fixed] Fixed multiple issues when removing songs from Now Playing
– [Fixed] Fixed a crash when moving mini players around when the playlist window is opened
– [Fixed] It is possible to scrobble tracks by skipping to the end of the track
– [Fixed] Tracks on the playlists screen are not cleared when the last playlist is deleted
– [Fixed] Unable to type underscore in user field
– [Fixed] Crash when attempting to jump to albums using key presses
– [Fixed] Renaming a playlist does not update the playlist name in the context menus

You can grab Dopamine 1.5 here.


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