Hi everyone!

Dopamine 1.5 contained a lot of under-the-hood changes and improvements which have been tested thoroughly before release. Unfortunately, the real world is always a different beast than the testing sandbox when it comes to software. Multiple critical and some less critical issues were found. So I jumped on the bugs as fast as I could, and most of the problems have been ironed out thanks to zero day releases 1.5.1 and 1.5.2.

Today, I have the pleasure to announce that there is yet another bugfix release of Dopamine available: Dopamine 1.5.3. This release tackles issues that were reported after the 1.5.2 release and should make Dopamine 1.5 finally stable for everyone. This is the change log:

– [Changed] Updated the French translation
– [Changed] Updated the German translation
– [Changed] Updated the Swedish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Turkish translation
– [Fixed] Korean language file is missing in installable version
– [Fixed] Indexing fails for all files if 1 of the files has a path which is too long
– [Fixed] Some broken files generate faulty artists, genres and albums in the collection during indexing
– [Fixed] Portable version update notification forwards the user to the installer instead of download location
– [Fixed] Files with special characters fail to play
– [Fixed] Buttons don’t work on the system notification
– [Fixed] A thick accented window border is displayed when maximized with a hidden Windows Taskbar
– [Fixed] Last selected settings page is not remembered when going back to Settings from the Collection or Information pages

For the full change log of Dopamine 1.5, please see the Dopamine 1.5 blog post.

Thanks to everyone who has reported issues. It’s thanks to you that Dopamine 1.5 is what it is today!

Download Dopamine 1.5.3 here.


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