Dopamine 1.5.14 Release

Hello world!

Dopamine 1.5.14 has just been released! This is the change log:

– [Changed] Updated the Chinese (Simplified) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Korean translation
– [Changed] Updated the Swedish translation
– [Changed] Decreased the minimum window size for people using narrow or vertical monitors
– [Changed] Before adding a collection folder, a check is now performed to ensure its content is accessible.
– [Changed] Improved parsing of lyrics
– [Fixed] We now don’t crash anymore when a collection folder’s content is not accessible.
– [Fixed] Indexing stops when encountering an unreadable file or folder
– [Fixed] Fixed another issue playing files which contain special characters
– [Fixed] Fixed multiple crashes when searching for lyrics and when editing lyrics
– [Fixed] Fixed a crash which occurs when indexing MP3 files which have corrupt headers
– [Fixed] Fixed a small issue displaying lyrics download timeout settings


Download here

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