Hello world!

Today is a great day: Dopamine 2.0 Preview 2 is ready for consumption!

The road to this preview was challenging. I decided to add 2 very demanded features: Folder view and Smart playlists.
I’ve kept delaying the implementation of Smart playlists (since version 1.3, I believe), because I was scared of it. That fear appeared to be justified: it was a colossal task. So, I’m glad the basic implementation is done. Adding extra functionality should be a lot easier. Folder view was not so hard. But I took some shortcuts to make my life easier and to keep the code base clean.
So now, I’m very curious about user feedback concerning both these new features.

The look and feel of the UI didn’t change much since the last preview. What did change however: I decided to remove the drawer menu and hidden hamburger icon. Two reasons to motivate that choice:

1. Accessing the drawer’s items required too many clicks
2. The hamburger menu was hidden behind the headphone logo, and that wasn’t clear for everyone.

Instead, the options from the drawer menu are now in a totally visible hamburger menu at the top right of the main window.
Adding music should now also be easier than it ever was. The collection settings have been moved to a “Add music” option in the new hamburger menu.

Alright enough talking. Below is the full change log for this preview. I hope you enjoy it.
And don’t forget, if you enjoy my efforts: please consider donating. Thanks!

2018-10-12: Dopamine 2.0 Preview 2

– [Added] Added folder view
– [Added] Added smart playlists
– [Added] Added support for the AIFF format
– [Added] It is now possible to sort songs by album, even when no album is selected.
– [Added] The search field can now be activated by pressing CTRL+F
– [Added] Added Japanese language
– [Changed] Removed the “Frequent” page. It’s usefulness was limited.
– [Changed] Temporarily removed the “Theme” selector. Until a next preview, only the dark theme will be available.
– [Changed] Updated the Chinese (Simplified) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Chinese (Traditional) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Croatian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Hungarian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Italian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Korean translation
– [Changed] Updated the Portuguese (Portugal) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Ukrainian translation
– [Fixed] Fixed an issue where a same Artist, but with different casing, was shown as multiple artists. The same issue was fixed for Genres.
– [Fixed] Fixed a crash caused by the spectrum analyzer


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