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Dopamine 2.0 Preview 7 has been released. Quite some time has passed since the release of Preview 6. But rest assured, project Dopamine has not been abandoned. The road-map for Dopamine 2.0 final has been defined and Dopamine 3.0 is already being planned. Version 3.0 will be cross platform.

This is the change log for this preview:

– [Added] It is now possible to drop files on now playing, when no songs are playing.
– [Added] It is now possible to drop folders on the playlists screen.
– [Added] Added sort by date added and date created in the song screen
– [Changed] Updated the Bulgarian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Portuguese (Portugal) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Russian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Spanish translation
– [Fixed] Crash when playing a song which has a malformed track number when using system notifications
– [Fixed] Fixed glitches occurring when pressing media keys when the spectrum analyzer is enabled
– [Fixed] Albums which don’t have a “Album artist” now show the song artist instead of “Unknown Artist”
– [Fixed] Is it now possible to create smart playlists of songs which haven’t been played yet
– [Fixed] Play next is not working as expected in shuffle mode
– [Fixed] Album editor is unable to download album covers for albums where song artist is used as album artist
– [Fixed] Song statistics (Rating, Love, Play count, Skip count, Last played) are lost after upgrade from version 1.x to 2.0

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