Hi everyone!

Knowte 2.0.0 has just been released!

The biggest change compared to version 1.x is that it is now cross platform and is available for Windows and Linux!
It also has some nice new features, like:

– Choice where your notes are stored (Which allows saving on a cloud folder for sync across devices)
– Collections (Which can help you separate home and work notes for example)
– Task lists
– More note formatting options

This is the change log:

– GNU/Linux compatibility (Knowte now runs on Windows and GNU/Linux)
– Collections (e.g. allows separating home and work notes)
– Export to PDF
– Multiple text colors
– Multiple text highlight colors
– Dragging and dropping of notes to notebooks
– Dropping of exported notes to notebooks and notes list to import them
– Multi-select of notes and notebooks
– Task lists

– The notes storage folder is no longer in a hidden folder and must be selected the first time the application starts. This allows storage of notes on a cloud folder.

– Linking to other note files
– Export to RTF

You can download Knowte 2.0.0 here


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