Hello world!

After one year and a half of development, I’m proud to announce that Dopamine 2.0 is ready for release!
This is the first stable release since version 1.5.14. A lot of work was put into it. It brings some new features (new design, smart playlists, folder view) and it fixes a long list of bugs.

You’ll find more details in the change log below:

– [Added] Added a setting to remove songs from disk in the Now Playing context menu
– [Added] Added folder view
– [Added] Added smart playlists
– [Added] It is now possible to sort songs by album, even when no album is selected.
– [Added] The search field can now be activated by pressing CTRL+F
– [Added] Added sort by “date added” and “date created” in the song screen
– [Added] It is now possible to drop files on now playing, when no songs are playing.
– [Added] It is now possible to drop folders on the playlists screen
– [Added] Added rating and love to the bottom left now playing pane on the main screen
– [Fixed] Added an extra button to access Now Playing
– [Added] Added a Japanese translation
– [Added] Added a Norwegian translation
– [Changed] Changed the overall design
– [Changed] Removed song covers in playlists. Loading images in memory causes a huge memory footprint for large playlists.
– [Changed] Tweaked the now playing screen
– [Changed] Removed the “Frequent” page
– [Changed] Updated the Bulgarian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Chinese (Simplified) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Chinese (Traditional) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Croatian translation
– [Changed] Updated the German translation
– [Changed] Updated the Greek translation
– [Changed] Updated the Hungarian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Italian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Japanese translation
– [Changed] Updated the Korean translation
– [Changed] Updated the Polish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Portuguese (Portugal) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Russian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Spanish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Swedish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Ukrainian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Vietnamese translation
– [Fixed] Multiple memory leaks
– [Fixed] Lyrics scrolling doesn’t work correctly for lyrics which have no timestamps
– [Fixed] It is impossible to fetch lyrics from LyricWikia when song artist or title have special casing and special characters
– [Fixed] The spectrum analyzer causes crashes
– [Fixed] Artists or genres which are identical, but use a different casing, are shown as multiple artists or genres.
– [Fixed] Enabling the system notification on Windows 10 N causes a crash
– [Fixed] Rating songs makes the UI non-responsive
– [Fixed] Songs which are enqueued from Explorer, are enqueued in the wrong order.
– [Fixed] It is impossible to delete songs from playlists, for which the song files have been removed from or renamed on disk.
– [Fixed] Pressing multimedia keys causes glitches when the spectrum analyzer is enabled
– [Fixed] System notifications causes a crash when playing a song which has a malformed track number
– [Fixed] Artists and Genres screens don’t show songs for the Cyrillic alphabet
– [Fixed] Artists info pane displays white stars instead of actual artist pictures
– [Fixed] Lyrics “Search again” does not work
– [Fixed] Lowered CPU and memory usage
– [Fixed] Short sound after starting up
– [Fixed] Zero-sized images which are embedded in audio files, are mistakenly treated as valid images.
– [Fixed] Queued songs which are not in the collection (e.g. from playlists), are not resumed after a restart.
– [Fixed] Playlists containing the same song multiple times, confuses play previous and play next.
– [Fixed] Incorrect ordering of timed lyrics which contain duplicate timestamps
– [Fixed] Tray icon is not visible when using light system theme in Windows 10
– [Fixed] It is not possible to type + and – in the last.fm password box
– [Fixed] Removing all songs from Now Playing causes a crash
– [Fixed] Discs are ordered wrong when an album has more than 10 discs
– [Fixed] Pressing the keyboard left arrow doesn’t jump a song back to the beginning when it has been playing for less than 15 seconds
– [Fixed] Lyrics are not saved to the audio files
– [Fixed] Lyrics are not displayed the 1st time the lyrics page is shown
– [Fixed] File size information in the songs lists is rounded down
– [Fixed] It is not possible to add songs to playlists from the Now Playing screen
– [Fixed] Playback order is not reset when song order is changed on the songs list and songs are enqueued again
– [Fixed] Multimedia play and pause keys are not always working
– [Fixed] External control server fails to retrieve the current track

Development of Dopamine 3.0 has begun. Version 3.0 will be the first version to support GNU/Linux.
For all feature requests, please open an issue on Dopamine 3’s GitHub page: https://github.com/digimezzo/dopamine

You can Download Dopamine 2.0 here.

As always, enjoy!

P.S.: if you enjoy my work, please consider donating. Thanks!


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