Hi everyone!

A few hectic months have gone by since the last Dopamine release. This year has not spared us and I hope you are all doing well.
Today, I was able to tackle the last issues that I wanted resolved for Dopamine 2.0.2. So today is, release day!

This is Dopamine 2.0.2’s change log:

– [Added] It is now possible to sort albums by year ascending or descending
– [Added] Added a smart playlist rule “does not contain”
– [Added] Added a Indonesian translation
– [Added] Added Serbian translations
– [Fixed] Startup crash which is caused by the spectrum analyzer
– [Fixed] “.opus” files are ignored
– [Fixed] “.aif” files are ignored
– [Fixed] When double-clicking a playlist, it is not enqueued.
– [Fixed] A crash which occurs when creating a new playlist after deleting the playlists folder
– [Fixed] PC goes to sleep while playing music
– [Fixed] Fixed a focus stealing issue when skipping inside songs using the arrow keys
– [Changed] Updated the Japanese translation
– [Changed] Updated the Polish translation

As always: enjoy!

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