Hello everyone!

Today I have the pleasure of showing you what I’ve been working on for almost 2 years.

Hello Dopamine 3.0 Preview 1!

The work on Dopamine 3 started on July 26th, 2019, and I had a bold idea: adding Linux support.

Unfortunately, in order for that to happen, I had to ditch the .NET/WPF framework that Dopamine 2 uses. There is just no viable .NET compatible UI framework on Linux. So that meant rewriting everything from scratch, using a framework that works on both Windows and Linux. And so I did!
It was an humongous undertaking… Building the base that you see today, took almost 2 years. Admittedly, as coding Dopamine is not my full-time job, all this had to happen in spare time. Today I’m glad I finally reached the point where I can show you my progress. Because 2 years of coding in the shadows is too long. I love and need user feedback!

A small disclaimer about this preview:

If you’ve used Dopamine 2, don’t be disappointed by the current lack of features in Dopamine 3. This preview is the first of many. It lays the foundation of what’s to come. Rest assured that all that you love about Dopamine 2, will be added to Dopamine 3. Performance and resource usage improvements will also happen in the next previews. And I’ll release a lot of previews, each time something new is added! It’ll be exciting! šŸ™‚

What if you already have Dopamine 2 installed?

  • Dopamine 2 and 3 run side by side. You don’t have to uninstall Dopamine 2 in order to install Dopamine 3.
  • Dopamine 2 and 3 each have their own settings. Changing settings in one version does not affect the other version.
  • Dopamine 2 and 3 use the same database to store the collection. So, switching between Dopamine 2 and 3, does not cause re-indexing of the collection. When switching between the two versions, you might see a small and short message that the collection is being updated, but that is no indexing. It won’t break your collection.
  • Uninstalling Dopamine 2 does not break Dopamine 3
  • Uninstalling Dopamine 3 does not break Dopamine 2

There is 1 small known issue concerning the installation of Dopamine 3 on a computer that has Dopamine 2: after installing Dopamine 3, Dopamine 2 will be started automatically. Just close Dopamine 2 and open Dopamine 3 manually instead.

That’s it! Enough talking! You can download Dopamine 3.0 Preview 1 at the link below:

Download Dopamine 3.0 Preview 1

If you have any questions, please contact me via Twitter. You’ll find a link to my Twitter account in the About screen of Dopamine 3.0.


Your friendly neighborhood developer, Raphaƫl, from Digimezzo.

P.S.: if you enjoy my work, please consider donating. Thank you!


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