Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time! But today, a new version of Dopamine 2 is available: Dopamine 2.0.9.
This new version brings a cool new feature: a blacklist. The blacklist is meant for songs that you never want to hear. If you don’t like some songs in an album, just blacklist them. When you queue the album, these songs will be skipped during playback. Please note the this skipping happens when the queue automatically jumps to a next song once the previous song finishes. When you press on the “next” button to jump to the next song manually, the blacklisted songs will still be played. You’ll find the “Add to blacklist” option when you right-click on a song. The blacklist can be managed from the settings screen.

This is the change log for this version:

2022-02-08: Dopamine 2.0.9

– [Added] Added a Blacklist
– [Added] Added a Kurdish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Chinese (Simplified) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Finnish translation
– [Changed] Updated the Indonesian translation
– [Changed] Updated the Portuguese (Brazil) translation
– [Changed] Updated the Portuguese (Portugal) translation

Download here


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