Please read this before contacting us

  • If you have a question about Dopamine, please first check the Dopamine F.A.Q.
  • If you have a feature request, please check out the Dopamine issue tracker first to verify if it wasn’t already suggested.
  • If you want to submit a bug, please read the instructions below. Vague bug reports will be ignored.

How to correctly report a bug?

Some bugs are very subtle and occur only after a specific sequence of events. So, when reporting a bug, it is important that you describe the sequence of events which led to the bug. It’s simple: a bug that cannot be reproduced, cannot be fixed.



“This feature doesn’t work!”   “The application crashes!”   “The application is unstable!”   “The installer doesn’t work!”


  • If you experienced a crash, send the log file. In preview builds, the little “bug” icon on the main window will help you find it. Pressing CTRL+L also opens the folder which contains the log file.
  • If you got an error message, send a screenshot of that error message. Or, at least, describe what the error message says.
  • Describe the problem in a concise and constructive way. More information, increases the chances of reproducing the bug.



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